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Buehler eShop Frequently Asked Questions


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eShop FAQ

We’re very happy that you’ve decided to use our eShop to place your order! While we try to make this the best experience possible, we know that questions sometimes come up. Below are some answers to commonly asked questions which we hope will help you out.

If these Q/A’s didn’t give you the answer you wanted, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you!
Q: Why can’t I login? I ‘m typing my login and password in correctly?
A: Your login info is case sensitive so please make sure your CAPS LOCK is toggled correctly and that you’ve typed correctly. If you’re still having issues, try resetting your password.
Q: I’m customer outside of the US. Why can’t I register for the eShop?
A: The eShop is currently only available for customers inside the US. Please contact your local or regional ITW customer center for help with placing an order.
Q: I’m trying to register and was denied. Why?
A: There are a few answers here that would cause your registration to be denied. You cannot use a personal email address (,,, etc…) nor can you use a personal address for shipping or billing. Also the address provided must match your business; USPS, FedEx, UPS boxes don’t count. If you are not associated with a business, you cannot order from our eShop at this time.
Q: I’m typing in the product number from the website, why can I not find it on the eShop?
A: There may be a few reasons here. First, our eShop does not recognize dashes so remove dashes if they exist in the item number of the product you’re interested in. Second, if you’re looking for a specialized product it may not be in our eShop, give our sales team a call and they can try to help you out with your order. Third, if you’re trying to order individual parts for equipment, they may not be available to buy. Get in touch with our service department at for assistance.
Q: How do I change my password or add a ship address?
A: Simply go to the My Account page. On the left side of the screen there is a column where one option is shipping address which allows you to add address and another called “Change Password” which lets you do just that.
Q: I want to ship to a different location that the one in my account, can I do that?
A: Yes, you can specify the shipping address in your order placement if it is not your default shipping address. You can also add your non-default shipping addresses into your account for next time.
Q: Why can I not type in my full address in the shipping address line?
A: Our shipping addresses are limited to 50 characters. Please limit your inputs here or utilize the address line 2.
Q: I am not able to order an item that says limited stock. Why is this?
A: Not being able to order something labeled “limited stock” could mean one of two things. We are either temporarily out of stock and the system hasn’t caught up to the real inventory or if you are ordering more than 1 or an item you may be trying to order more than we have available (ex. trying to order 5 when we have 3 left).
Q: Can I see my invoices online?
A: Yes! You can find your invoices in “My Account” under “closed orders” on the left hand side. It may be called something like “acknowledgement” within the order info.
Q: I’m already logged in, why do I have to re-put in my info when asking for an equipment quote?
A: We want to make sure that we have the best contact info for you as we will be in contact with you shortly regarding your request.
Q: If I’m getting a discount, how is that factored into my order?
A: If you are receiving a discount, it is tied directly to your account so once you login, the prices you see are the “after discount” prices. The prices you see are not the original sales price.
Q: What is the Wishlist for?
A: The wish list is for sending someone like a purchasing manager your request for items to buy if they need to make the purchase on your behalf. These items cannot be quoted by our sales team unless you add them to your request quote page.
Q: I need to buy HAZMAT material but I can’t ship it with my preferred carrier or in the time I want?
A: Due to restrictions in handling HAZMAT material, we will only ship HAZMAT material through FedEx Ground or FedEx Priority First. You can choose which you prefer.
Q: Can I return an item or claim a warranty on a defective product?
A: Of Course! Please see our return and warranty policy pages at the bottom right part of the eShop home screen.
Q: I’m looking for SDS sheets on Buehler products, where can I find them?
A: You can always find SDS sheets on the main Buehler company site if you look for the product. On the eShop we added a link to the SDS library as a main tab on the eShop site. It is also possible that a particular product does not need an SDS sheet. If an SDS you are looking for is not on the eShop and you cannot find it in our alphabetical SDS library on our main site, then please give us a call and one of our customer care specialists will be more than happy to help you find what you’re looking for.
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